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Doing Business in Russia

Study the Russian business with Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School

The “Doing Business in Russia” was designed for Executive MBA and MBA students from abroad who are interested in the Russian market. The objective of the program “Doing Business in Russia” is to make participants familiar with the instruments frameworks and cases which will allow them to understand the key driving factors of the Russian economy, business and its business culture. The participants will be introduced to the “real-life” success stories of the Russian and international companies. The programme is usually delivered over the period from three days to one week, and might be customized.

Programme description

This program gives an overview of doing business in Russia, including an introduction to the Russian economy, history and culture. The programme content allows the students to:

  • Understand the driving forces of the Russian economy;
  • Appreciate the uniqueness of the Russian market, organizations and social structure;
  • Learn how firms conduct marketing, human resources and strategic management in Russia;
  • Identify business opportunities in Russia;
  • Understand the cultural context of Russian management.


  • The program’s language is English.
  • The program is run by professors and external speakers from Lomonosov MSU BS faculty, selected on the basis of the topics to be covered.
  • Lomonosov MSU BS has a developed net of partnership agreement with more than 130 national and international companies in Moscow operating in a wide range of business areas and industries. Company visits might be arranged according to the focus of the programme.

Programme structure

We provide a tailor-made and individually designed programme. It could be designed for a time period from three days to one week according to the needs of the group and usually includes:

  • Seminars, which are run by the leading professors from Lomonosov MSU BS faculty;
  • Master-classes from top-level managers from various industries and business areas;
  • Visits to Russian and international companies.


We have already developed programmes for:

SDA Bocconi University
ETH Zürich
iBF Executive Programme on Russia International Enterprise (IE) Singapore
Sungkyunkwan University

Master-classes from:

BLC Balashova Legal Consultants
DeAgostini Russia LLC
InfoWatch and Kaspersky Lab's
VTB24 Bank

Company visits to:

Metro Cash and Carry Croup
Hilti Distribution Russia
EN+ Group
State Duma
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
Administration of Saint Petersburg
Ust-Luga company
“Baltic Pearl”
Kühne + Nagel
Japan Tobacco International

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